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MATELAN offers investors the best possible information about the companies it covers. To achieve this, MATELAN places great importance on the following factors:

Close contact to corporations - In industry terms, MATELAN invests a higher than average amount of time in communicating with the companies it covers. Therefore the number of companies per analyst is also consciously below the industry average.

High level of sector competence - In order to gain synergies, MATELAN arranges its coverage to focus on particular sectors. At the same time it maintains a close relationship with associations and regulatory bodies.

Quality - MATELAN works with employees who have acquired many years of research experience working in internationally active investment banks. They are further supported by highly sophisticated research tools, particularly in the discussion of valuation.

Efficent Communication - MATELAN offers a number of products based on the same layout platform, aimed at conveying their value in a timely and succinct manner. MATELAN is available as a contact at all times.

Independence - As a pure Research house, MATELAN is free from any conflicts of interest that can arise through the work of other departments or bank investments in an integrated investment bank. Furthermore MATELAN employees do not invest in the companies that MATELAN covers. Any possible conflicts of interest will be indicated.